Review: Kenolie Village Campground in Vermont

So, last night I stayed in a campground in order to have access to a dump station, but mostly to recharge my RV battery overnight.  For those of you who might be passing through Vermont, here’s the good, the bad, and the ugly about Kenolie Village Campground:

The Good

  • At $22.75 a night (as of the date of this post), you really can’t beat their price for this area.
  • They have free wifi, which surprised me given their remote location.
  • The staff was super friendly and patient with all of my questions.
  • No check-out time!  (When I asked what time I needed to be out, the answer was, “…Whenever you want.  2, 3, 4…”
  • Quiet, calm, laid-back atmosphere…  Though note that I stayed on a weeknight.  This could change on the weekend, I don’t know!
  • There seem to be a lot of activities on the grounds, but I didn’t really explore them much.  But I definitely noticed a sweet playground for those of you with kiddos!

The Bad

  • No sewer connections at the site, which is to be expected for the price, I think.
  • The paths through the campground are a bit rough, but nothing that your rig can’t handle if you aren’t put off by a little bit of a bumpy ride.
  • I noticed a /lot/ of bugs around my campsite.  This is kind of to be expected in campgrounds, unfortunately, but if you’re going to stay for more than one night, I would make a preemptive strike on the bugs.
  • You can’t bring in your own firewood due to invasive insect problems, and firewood near the campground is sparse.  Firewood is sold at the office, of course (at a premium).

The Ugly

  • Getting to the campground could be a nightmare. I have a 12-foot trailer pulled by an Astro van, so I really didn’t have a lot of trouble.  However, the road to get to the campground is a narrow, rough dirt road, so you could have trouble if you have a larger rig.  Definitely use the instructions on their website, though!  If you come at the campground from the wrong direction, you could damage your rig.
  • The showers are coin-op!  I can’t say how much of a disappointment this was to me.


I would definitely stay at Kenolie Village again.  The showers were a disappointment, but it’s not that big of an inconvenience to shower in your RV.  The low price and the friendly atmosphere definitely makes it worth the trouble to make it out there, as long as you don’t get stuck going over the narrow bridge north of the campground!  If you happen to be in southern Vermont, definitely check out Kenolie Village!

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One thought on “Review: Kenolie Village Campground in Vermont

  1. I think its nice to review the camp grounds you stay in for other people that are traveling, too. You sound like you are doing well. Good to know. Helps me worry less, about you anyway.

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